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Norwex Microfibre
Little Cloth, Big Cleaning Power

With the Norwex Microfibre System, you will not breathe, touch, or ingest chemicals—you simply create a cleaner healthier indoor environment.

    • Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following proper use and care
    • Contains BacLock® an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only
    • Helps eliminate the need for paper towels and chemical laden cleaners
    • Significantly reduces the use of costly cleaning products
    • Ultra-thick and absorbent to pick-up and hold more dust, dirt and debris than other cleaning cloths
    • Holds several times its weight in water
    • Made of more than 10 million feet of microfibre for more effective cleaning power
Look for the BacLock® logo

Look for the BacLock® logo to identify products that contain an antibacterial agent for self-cleaning purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odour, mold and/or mildew growth within the product.

Start cleaning without chemicals
Start cleaning without chemicals

Microfibre Makes a Difference

Norwex Microfibre is more than just a cleaning product. When you use a Norwex Microfibre product, you are making a real difference for yourself, your family and the environment by:

Two Ways to Clean

Dry to Dust
Dry to Dust

When used dry, Norwex Microfibre is a superior duster, holding the smallest particles in its fibres to create a cleaner surface that lasts longer with no harmful chemical residue to collect more dust.

Do not use microfibre on anti-glare surfaces (except the Norwex Optic Scarf).

Wet to Clean
Wet to Clean

When used wet, Norwex Microfibre loosens and lifts the most stubborn dirt and debris up into the cloth and away from the surface. Wet thoroughly, wring well, fold flat, and wipe away grime from all washable surfaces.

How to Care for Your Norwex Microfibre

Slightly Dirty

Slightly dirty microfibre cloths can be washed with Norwex Dishwashing Liquid under warm running water. Rinse thoroughly after washing and hang to dry or drop into the dryer.

Deep Stains or Odours

Deep clean microfibre using our Microfibre Cleaner Laundry Booster as a hot-water pre-soak or as part of your regular laundry routine.

Regular Laundering

Launder microfibre cloths separately or with other lint-free laundry and dry completely. Use our Laundry Detergent or Liquid Laundry Detergent for the best results. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets when laundering microfibre as these additives coat the fibres and reduce their ability to clean effectively.

Warranty: All Norwex Microfibre products carry a two-year warranty. If you are not pleased with how a microfibre product has performed, please contact your consultant to have the item replaced, at no additional charge, through Norwex Customer Service Returns.